City of Milpitas E-Waste Pilot

Case Study

City of Milpitas E-Waste Pilot

Illegal dumping of hazardous materials, such as electronic waste, poses a serious environmental and broader health problem for cities. Zero Waste Silicon Valley (ZWSV) has been operating its E-Waste recycling program for several years, providing corpsmembers with in-demand industry training, and strategically partnering with certified electronics recyclers to ensure that materials collected are recycled and reused.

Services Provided
  • Collection containers with padlocks and hard drive inserts
  • Convenient container swaps
  • Quarterly reporting on CEW and non-CEW E-Waste collected
  • Reporting under the SB20 program
  • Proof of Designation approval from DTSC

In the spring of 2022, ZWSV was approached by the City of Milpitas to help design an E-Waste pilot to address the growing concern for dumped materials in the City. On a high level, the goal of the pilot was to help the City understand the types of electronic waste being dumped in their public streets and spaces, to then work internally to draft a model for collection with their Streets Team.

The pilot parameters included: a collection container and convenient service schedule, a template for quarterly reporting on CEW and non-CEW material collected, and routine log reporting in compliance with SB20. The pilot is set to end in December 2022. This special project stands to highlight the potential for ZWSV to aid in the development of city processes and programs.

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