E-Waste High Rise Collection Events

Case Study

E-Waste High Rise Collection Events

Zero Waste Silicon Valley (ZWSV) has been offering E-Waste collection services to high-rise (multifamily) buildings and businesses since the summer of 2021. This service originates from a common understanding that multifamily property owners find it extremely difficult to manage the waste of their tenants. This is true not only for the general municipal solid waste services provided but also for electronic waste.

Services Provided
  • Collection events
  • Outreach and education
  • Reporting under the SB20 program
  • Notice of Intent approval from DTSC

ZWSV has completed 3 high-rise collection events in partnership with Lynhaven and Vespaio apartments and 1 event in partnership with the Cherryhill Neighborhood Association group located in San Jose. All events received proper compliance reporting with the Department of Toxic Substances Control before collection activities. Collection events also received extensive outreach and marketing materials to boost participation and knowledge of materials ZWSV accepts. A total of 1,362 pounds of electronics were collected from these events and recycled with certified recyclers.

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